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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Nifty must be shorted right here..

We have come all the way on the Nifty since:-
Nifty would be ready for the plunge in a short while and one can easily go short upon it (and one must) for targets much much lower than where we stand right now.
We'll do a 5500 first,
a 5100 odd next,
and if this really pans out to be a topping out process like i think it is,
then chances are we might breach below 5000 levels too.
Try the short side by means of writing calls (may 6000ce @ 132, jun 6000ce @ 180) or buying puts alternately.
But under no circumstances, should you be a "long" (buy & hold/buy for a short term/buy for a long term) right now.
Charts clear, "Sell"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

20110228:- The Weekly Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Daily Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Octo-Hourly Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Quadro-Hourly Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Bi-Hourly Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Hourly-Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Half-Hourly-Chart Says...

20110228 Bod:- The Penta-Minute-Chart says...

Monday, January 24, 2011

20110124 BOD

5min to the weekly charts:-
do the math,
and trade (only) the chart that fits your map..

What do you think?

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